Online calculation

Калькулятор микроклимата в шкафу.

Для получения расчета тепловыделения шкафа и подбора рекомендованного оборудования, заполните необходимые поля формы.

1Specify cabinet parameters

Heat transfer coefficient

Select the cabinet material from the list or set the heat transfer coefficient of the material manually

Note if heat transfer through the cabinet roof is difficult

For the selection of equipment, the overall dimensions, material and location of the cabinet are required..

2Specify the operating conditions of the cabinet

Ambient temperature

Specify the minimum and maximum ambient temperature

Note if additional humidity control is required

Specify cabinet operating altitude above sea level to determine air density


Enter the total heat output generated by the equipment inside the cabinet. Preliminary calculation of the generated thermal power can be carried out according to the following rules: • Frequency converters — 5% of the power consumed • Power supplies and transformers — 10% of the power consumed • Automatic breakers - 20% of current draw • Starters - 40% of draw current Use data provided by installed equipment vendors to accurately determine heat loss.

Required temperatures
inside the cabinet

Specify the allowable temperature range in the cabinet.

Specify the operating conditions and desired cabinet parameters for equipment recommendations

3Recommended Equipment

Specify the parameters of the electrical network of the cabinet for the selection of equipment.

Specify the operating conditions of the cabinet.