About company

We develop, manufacture and sell devices for creating and maintaining a microclimate in control and automation cabinets, as well as in various electrical equipment.

The idea of creating the SILART brand arose as a result of the currency crisis in Russia in 2014-2015. It was the unstable economic situation and the spirit of import substitution that prompted us to implement plans to organize the production of Russian electrical products under the SILART brand.

In 2016, we developed, organized production and launched the first batch of mechanical bimetal thermostats of the TBS series. In 2017-2018, we launched the production of convection heaters of the SNK series, fan heaters of the SNV series. As part of joint OEM projects and based on technologies from leading German manufacturers, we have supplied a wide range of air conditioners of the MALTA series. In 2018-2020, we significantly expanded the range of products we develop and manufacture by introducing new lines of convection heaters and roof fans.

1500 Square meters
200 Product Names
3600 Items per day
50 Partners in the EAEU countries

The successful experience of our team in the field of complex provision of enterprises and organizations with electrical components from the world's leading manufacturers allows us to confidently consider ourselves professionals in the electrical equipment market, who "have studied well what the consumer likes, but even better studied what the consumer does not like."

We have an ambitious mission: we contribute to the revival of the Russian industry, build a world-class electrical company, creating technologies that are safe for humans and the environment.